A quantity surveyor is the financial consultant of the construction industry whose training and experience qualifies them to advise on cost and contractual arrangements and to prepare tender and contract documents. They are independent experts who act in liaison with architects, consulting engineers and contractors to safeguard the client's interest. Quantity surveyors are expected to maintain the highest level of professionalism towards all parties involved, thus ensuring fair and accurate finalisation of projects.

MPA employs chartered surveyors, or those working towards chartership, with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and works within the rules and guidelines set out by the Institution.

Why Employ a Quantity Surveyor?

  • To establish an initial construction budget and estimate construction costs before expensive design development time has been undertaken.
  • To monitor design and offer solutions to ensure the most cost effective design solution.
  • To monitor costs during the design, development and construction stages and take action to keep costs under control.
  • To ensure that fully detailed tender documentation, including proposed construction contracts, are prepared to minimise risks to the client from variations and contractual claims.
  • To ensure that tenders are obtained under the strict terms of fair competition.
  • To provide professional and considered advice on any external warranties required for specific sections of design or specialist guarantees.
  • To follow the construction process and advise on any changes in cost from variations in the works or dealing with items arising from unforeseen work.
  • To value work at the appropriate intervals to offer the client confidence that accurate payments are being made for works undertaken.
  • To give contractors the assurance that cost management will be carried out in an equitable manner; tendering contractors are often found to be more competitive when they have the confidence that a quantity surveyor is employed on the project.

Following the RIBA Plan of Work, the following are the key points where a quantity surveyor would provide a service (click to enlarge):